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Now I'm working on

Now I'm working on my third game..

Meditative Clock

Brief demonstration of my latest home project..

I wrote this analog clock in Python, it shows exact time at least one time per minute and second hand runs randomly within every minute. I'm going to assemble this algorithm with Arduino and place this clock in my living room.. = )

G-Drive Show

Stuff I made for G-Drive Show in Moscow Olympic Stadium.

Polemic: Characters

Characters of 'Polemic', a tabletop card game I'm working on..

Take a look at pages on Vkontakte and Facebook..

Blender add-on: Ori

A little handy button I made for aligning local transforms to custom orientation without visually transforming the objects.


Model made for production of an actual object using CNC..

Here's the result:

FPAH: Foul Play Air Hockey

In spare time I've been making my first game for iPad using Godot Game Engine, Blender and GIMP..

FPAH (Foul Play Air Hokey) is a player-versus-player air hockey you can play as foul as you want:
- Lead your mallet on the whole rink, not just on your side.
- Throw your mallet.
- Snatch mallet from the opponent's hand.
- Fight for the puck at the boards.
- Bring the skittle!

Hope you enjoy it! = )
Please take a look if you don't mind: FPAH on the App Store

UPD: Game just got the first review! = )

UPD: iPhone Edition is here: FPAH (iPhone Edition) on the App Store


Portable Automatic External Defibrillator concept..
My exercise in parametric modeling.. = )
Modeled in FreeCAD, rendered in Blender Cycles..

Blomus Cino

Exercise in parametric modeling.. = )
Modeled in FreeCAD, rendered in Blender Cycles..


A wooden hut I made for russian film in some different environment.. = )

Time Slice Test

Some R&D for recent project.. Wrote Blender add-on for performing time slicing with motion blur.. Soon I'll share this add-on.. = )


Product visualization for DO-RA.Q in blister packs for retail..
Package design by K2D
Client: Intersoft Eurasia


Concept design for a keychain-size dosimeter-radiometer based on printed circuit board..
Client: Intersoft Eurasia